Fall Fun!

My own yard at home has started to become a bit more populated by the leaves from one specific tree that must be sensitive to the waning of sunlight. God Bless the Fall! We have about a month to two months to enjoy this beautiful scenery. How lucky are we to live in a beautiful state of North Carolina? People travel here to see what we possibly take for granted on a yearly basis during Autumn.

In our daycare pack, the puppies are finding leaves as they fall, and it’s initiating games of chase and tug-a-war. Puppies LOVE leaves. Do yourself a favor, if you have the ability, please take this one season with your puppy and set aside a bit of time to make it memorable! Next year, your puppy will be full grown and (possibly) not interested, although many adult dogs still love leaves as much as puppies. And make sure you take pictures and/or videos! And share them with us over on Facebook or Twitter!