Durham: April Superstars!

Boarding Dogs of the Month:
Honey Samford

Honey is one of the most popular girls here at Suite Paws by all of the staff. She’s very gentle, affectionate and really loves people. She spends her days in daycare, where she gets many belly rubs and kisses. She is a gentle silver haired girl who always makes us smile when we see her. Poor sweet Honey is thunder-phobic, so she gets spoiled extra when the clouds move in.

 Daycare Dog of the Month:

Emma Boney

Emma is one of the puppies currently attending our  daycare during the week. She’s energetic and sweet and always has a wonderful time when she’s here! Her best friend is Tucker, and they spend their days playing chase and wrestling. She’s wonderful at snuggling when she’s tired and she LOVES her people time once she’s gotten her energy out for the day.

Cat Boarder of the Month:

Labete Baker


Labete is a super sweet but extremely shy girl who is visiting with us. She loves getting affection from our staff. This is her first visit with us, and we look forward to getting to know her better!

Groom Star of the Month:

Moocho & Pumpkin Cardin

Moocho and Pumpkin are daycare regulars who had a special visit with Ms. Traci recently and came out looking like new dogs! She said they were perfectly well behaved and wonderful! Knowing these two as well as I do from daycare, I giggled when I saw their before and after pictures because they really do highlight their personalities. Moocho is on the left and he’s outgoing, fearless and bold! Pumpkin on the right is a little more reserved and guarded, and while she does love people – she’s not as outgoing as her brother.

Employee of the Month:

Daisy Currie

Daisy joined our crew a couple of months ago and was recently promoted to Daycare Lead since she loves her time in daycare so much. She’s a great hardworking girl who really loves spoiling the dogs in daycare. She has a laid back easy going personality that the dogs really love and she is very popular among our regular dogs who look to her as a pack leader. She’s highly valued here and we appreciate her hard work, thank you for everything you do Daisy!