Durham: February Superstars!

Doggie Daycare Dog of the Month: Cooper Bergman

Cooper has been a daycare attendee since we first opened. He is a sweet gentle soul and truly loves his time exploring in daycare. He is a bit shy with new people, but he LOVES other dogs. It’s taken a few weeks of trust building, but being able to give him love and scratch his ears is the highlight of my day when he’s here! His best friends are Benjamin and Willie!


Dog Boarder of the Month: George Hayman

If ever there was a dog that did a complete 180 in personality, it was this little man. George boarded with us, and was shy and scared and unsure of his surroundings, but he slowly warmed up to us and is incredibly affectionate and fun now. He loves spending his day in daycare, and looks for any and all affection he can get. He’s outgoing and spunky and every staff member smiles when they see him. And then when they think back to his first couple days here hiding in his crate, they are amazed at how far he has come. We love you little George, and we are so proud of you!


Cat Boarder of the Month: Itty Bitty Kitty Greenfield


Itty Bitty is a shy girl who has spent much of her time with us exploring the cattery. She loves the attention she gets from the staff and is very chatty when we visit and like all kitties, she loves a good chin rub! She’s a little mischievous since she likes to seek out any dark hidden areas in the cattery and play hide and seek in them!

Groom Star of the Month: Huck Eberdt

open house collage

Huck is a cockapoo puppy who had his first ever groom recently. Traci, our groomer said “Huck was perfect, he was calm and relaxed and wonderful. I can’t believe it was his first trip to the groomer. He couldn’t have been any better!”


Employee of the Month: Sasha Toker


Sasha joins us in the Suite Paws family as one of our Kennel and Daycare Leads. She’s new to the area, and has been a wonderful addition to our staff here. She’s a very hard worker and dependable and she has a true love for all animals. We appreciate her hard work and are so happy to have her on our staff here. She has two kitties at home named Finley and Persia.