Durham: May Superstars

Doggie Daycare Dog of the Month: Tallulah Perno

Tallulah joined our pack in mid-January and has been a weekday regular since then. She is a wonderfully sweet and playful girl who is always the center of attention when she is here. Tallulah is one of the best wrestling partners around, and is always a big favorite of new dogs who want to play. She plays very hard the first half of the day, and is the world best snuggle partner for the afternoons. We have enjoyed getting to know and spoil this sweet adorable girl. We love you Tallulah!

Dog Boarder of the Month: Jersey Meyer

image1Jersey was picked for dog boarder of the month for her sweet disposition. This most recent visit was her second time here and she’s already a pro! Jersey LOVES to play fetch and goes crazy as soon as she sees a tennis ball. She’s always an angel and we can’t wait to see her again soon!

Cat Boarder of the Month: Sissy Poehlman

image4Sissy is a little spitfire kitty that has been with us for a few weeks. She’s a bit shy and likes her personal space but she really enjoys the view she gets from her kitty condo. She keeps the employees entertained with her antics.

Groom Star of the Month: Monte Emons

monteMonte the pomapoo visited our groomer Traci recently and got a remarkable makeover. He was a wonderful boy who enjoyed his bath and was on his best behavior for his groom. Good boy, Monte!