Durham’s March All-Stars!

Daycare Dog of the Month: Fred Conover

Fred joined our pack back in February and has been busy stealing hearts since he first arrived. He is very popular among our dog pack, and even the human attendants have fallen in love with him. Fred plays with wonderful energy and he is one of the puppies favorite play buddies. He has wonderful social skills and manners, and to top it all off – he’s the world’s best hugger.  He can be found most mornings wrestling and playing nonstop, and then in the afternoons he spends the last few hours in daycare either sunbathing or snuggling with attendants. We love Fred!

fred collage


Cat Boarder of the Month:

Hobbes Moore

Hobbes is a regular at Suite Paws, and he knows he rules the roost when he is here! Not one surface in the cattery goes untouched when Hobbes is in the house! He is super playful and very outgoing, so he is popular among the staff and customers as everyone enjoys his antics!



Dog Boarder of the Month:

Roscoe Capps

Roscoe is a frequent visitor who is very popular among the staff in all departments here at Suite Paws. When he’s with kennel staff, he loves to snuggle and get belly rubs. When he’s in daycare, he loves running around and playing with some of the regulars that he’s best friends with. He really brightens up our day when he’s here!

roscoe collage