Facebook's Photo Contest Results

First of all, we wanted to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the Photo Contest over on Facebook this month. We had a great turn out! We knew from the beginning that the winners would be decided based on votes and employee choices. What we suspected would happen, did indeed happen – over 90% of the pictures received no votes or sharing. For this reason, we decided to award top winner to most votes on Facebook, and then subsequent winners were chosen by employees voting and the cat winner was decided by both employee votes AND online votes! We had 10 voters, and one tie breaker making a total of 11 employees voting.

We also added extra winners at the end, we couldn’t pick just 3! And, we decided that everyone who entered deserved a $5 prize as a “Thank you” for playing a new game with us! If you aren’t a top 5 winner, you will be given a $5 credit on your account for your next visit! Winners will have their winnings credited to their accounts this afternoon.


FIRST PLACE, ($50 gift certificate):


SECOND PLACE, ($25 gift certificates):


THIRD PLACE, ($10 gift certificate):


OVERALL CAT WINNER, ($10 gift certificate):


contest winners

Here are all of our other contestants. When I say that this contest was close, I had to have a tie breaker for multiple picks because it was seriously close. And, so many employees didn’t want to limit their picks to only 4 dogs and 1 cat. You guys made us laugh, made us go awww and just were fun participants! We will have another photo contest soon, this next time we will tweak a few things (probably not use this automatic app, but require submissions to be emailed in and posted on page!)  this was my first ever attempt at anything like this so I’ve learned a few things.


photo contest 1photo applicants 2photo contest 2Thank you all for participating!