Raleigh: April Superstars!

Daycare Dog of the Month: Red Hobbes

Red is a laid-back Great Dane who mostly likes to play shadow to our Daycare Manager, Cathie. She can sometimes get a little playful, but you have to keep an eye on her since it only lasts for a few minutes and it is something you do not want to miss! This truly gentle giant is a great addition to the group. Even though she is not here too often, Red is always excited to see us and we are always excited to see her too.

 Boarding Dogs of the Month:

Dre & Marley Davis

marley dre

Dre and Marley joined our Suite Paws Family back in November of this past year and have been making steady appearances since. Dre is more reserved than his sister, but there is nothing he loves more than a good belly rub, butt scratch, and a large yard to play “Doggie Detective” in. Marley enjoys interacting with her doggie friends in Doggie Daycare. She has become a regular in the group and really enjoys mingling with the others. Her best friend is Evey, one of the Daycare attendant’s dogs. When she’s not playing with Evey you can catch her mingling with the group or getting love and kisses from the daycare staff. We are so happy these two have joined our pack and look forward to each visit we get to share with them! We are excited to announce them as the Boarding Dogs of April!

Cat Boarder of the Month:

Brunson Pearce


Brunson is a white domestic shorthair who has visited us many times in the past and a few times recently. He is one of the sweetest boys around, and is always eager to get and give love and kisses. As soon as we enter the Cattery, he props up and starts telling us stories while reminding us that he would like his daily dose of cuddles. We love to hear Brunson’s stories and really enjoy when he comes to stay with us. He is one of the best cuddle bugs on this side of town! We are excited to announce Brunson as the Cat Boarder for the month of April. We can’t wait to see you again soon, Brunson!

Groom Star of the Month:

Penelope Carnevale

Penelope is a one year old Lhasa Apso that has been getting groomed with us since she was a puppy. She stays in a fluffy puppy cut year round which suits her adorable features.  Penelope stays on a monthly grooming schedule which helps to keep her in optimum condition. We encourage every pet owner of breeds requiring haircut maintenance to follow Penelope’s owners commitment.

Employee of the Month:


Ashley joined our Suite Paws family back in November of this past year and has quickly grown to thrive in the Boarding Department and the Daycare Department. Ashely’s true passion and love for animals shines when she interacts with our puppy customers. When she’s not throwing the ball or feeding our furry clients, she has a full house at home to attend to. She has Colbie, a true mutt with boxer, pit bull, and rat terrier among others in her genes, as well as Hunter, a beagle and basset hound mix. In addition to her pups, Ashely and her family enjoy spending their free time fostering kittens! At the moment, they have two 10 day old kittens at home to tend to along with many others of all different ages. We want to thank Ashely for her hard work and dedication to Suite Paws and to our fuzzy companions. Keep up the good work Ashley!