Raleigh: January Superstars!

Daycare Dog of the Month: Jake Scott

Jake has been doing daycare with us since 2013. This once crazy and rambunctious boy has turned into one of our sweetest dogs. Jake is crazy about the water hose, no matter the weather!  Jake has a great time with all of his friends and when he gets tired, he loves to snuggle up to an attendant for some cuddles.

 Boarding Cats of the Month: Bagheera and Poppy Schemk

Bagheera and Poppy are two of the world’s cutest kittens all wrapped into one family. Bagheera lives up to her name and is constantly on the prowl looking for something fun to do. She enjoys climbing to the top of the climbing tree and racing her sister, Poppy, back down to the bottom. There are never enough toys for Bagheera and Poppy. When we lay out our entire collection of cat toys, they are sure to play with each and every toy. Poppy’s favorite game is to chase  anything attached to a string. She is also very fond of chasing her sister, Bagheera, around the room during a fun game of hide-and-seek. We are thrilled to welcome Bagheera and Poppy to our Suite Paws family and enjoy when they stay here with us. You can check out one of their play-times on our Instagram page, @suitepawsraleigh.


Employee of the Month: Summer Bailey

Summer has been a part of the Suite Paws family since June of 2012 and quickly rose to our Grooming Department Manager. Summer has been grooming for 10 years and finds her true passion in keeping our beloved pets cute, clean, and cuddly. We are happy to recognize Summer as the Employee of the Month for all of her hard work and dedication in the grooming salon. Thank you Summer, we appreciate all that you do!





Groom Star of the Month: Snowball Thompson

Snowball had his first hair cut with us and and has continued coming to us ever since. He is a Maltese mix and is a super sweet boy. We use our whitening shampoo on him to keep his fur blinding white and he also gets his teeth brushed to keep them as white as his fur.