Raleigh: March Superstars!

Doggie Daycare Dog of the Month: Blu Fike

Blu is a sweet one year old Pit Bull who is always on the go. While he loves to stay active, he has lately been getting a little spoiled with being picked up and held. He also has a few endearing personality quirks; the way he drinks water from the water bottle is sure to make anyone laugh. Blu always tries his best to be a good boy and has quickly made a place in all of our hearts.


Dog Boarders of the Month:

Chobee, Ramsay and Shad Merrell

chobeefinal ramsayfinal shadfinal

This fantastic trio joined our family back in August of this past year. They have made steady appearances ever since and are always a joy to have. Ramsay, the black and tan Lakeland Terrier, is more rambunctious than his siblings and is fascinated with anything tennis ball. He would run to the ends of the earth to catch it. Chobee, the red Lakeland Terrier, is a mature gal and really enjoys relaxing, sunbathing and tummy rubs. She usually has a story or two to tell while she is staying with us and we love hearing about it. Shad, the Spinone Italiano, is a very easy going guy. He just goes with the flow but if you give him a nylabone, that’s it, he will remain occupied for hours on end. We love that the Merrel’s have joined our pack and are excited to announce them as the dog boarders of the month!

Cat Boarders of the Month:

Sookie and Kirby Richards

kirbyfinal sookiefinal

Sookie and Kirby have been a part of the Suite Paws family since December of 2013. These gorgeous ladies are two peas in a pod and we are constantly fawning over how cute it is when they cuddle up together. Sookie, the black shorthair, is more reserved and enjoys relaxing on her own time in her condo. Kirby, the tortoise-shell longhair, is more outgoing and enjoys some attention from people whenever we’re in the room. These two are sure to make us smile each time they come to visit. We are so happy to announce them as our cat boarders of the month!

Groom Star of the Month:

Prissy Goff


Prissy Goff is a boarding client of ours that also gets groomed with her stay. She is styling a “lion cut” with the “lion tail”. Mom prefers her mane to be tighter and more round than our typical lion cut, and it suits Ms. Prissy well. Her cute personality comes out in that smile.

Employee of the Month:

Larissa Simmons

Larissa joined our Suite Paws Team back in August of 2014 and has continued to thrive ever since. There is no task she leaves undone and she is sure to greet every single doggie and customer upon entering the lobby. She makes it a point to get to know each individual dog and has been known to sneak back into the accommodations to steal some hugs and kisses from the pets. When she is not taking care of our four-legged companions at work, she has a full house of them at home. Currently, she has Lena, a red Dachshund, a blue Pit named Jewels, and three of Jewels’ new puppies! We are thrilled to announce Larissa as the Employee of the Month for March for all of her hard work and dedication to her job. Keep up the good work Larissa, we’re all very proud of you!