When Your Dog Just Isn’t “Into It” Anymore

One of the hardest decisions we have to make at Suite Paws is determining which dogs to remove from the daycare pack, and which dogs will fail their temperament tests. Often times we’re heart broken and just plain torn up emotionally over removing a dog. Especially if it’s a dog we’ve known since they were a puppy and they have been coming for years! We get highly attached to each dog. Adulthood in canines can bring on personality changes. Sometimes the scared or timid puppy will grow into a confident, well behaved and outgoing adult. However, sometimes the confident and outgoing puppy can mature into a short tempered bully who is a bit too rough. We document every dogs behavior each day in their notes, and will makes notations if their personalities are starting to shift in time. This is also why we re-temperament test a dog if we haven’t seen them within 6 months!

First, and foremost, let me get one thing out there. Just because your dog doesn’t like daycare anymore doesn’t mean 2 major things: 1.) It doesn’t mean they are anti-social or dog aggressive now! 2.) It also doesn’t mean they will hate the dog park now. If your dog loves the dog park, but hates daycare that is okay and perfectly normal!