Doggie Daycare Dog of the Month

Ben Cooper

This choice was so very hard for us. We had to pick between a big group of wonderful dogs that we have gotten to know this first month of being open. Ben won for being as close to perfect as any dog can possibly get! He’s the right amount of playful, lovable and calm and has really gotten attached to each of the daycare attendants. Just looking at him and his big smile brightens up our day. We love having him in our pack here!


Durham’s March All-Stars!

Daycare Dog of the Month: Fred Conover

Fred joined our pack back in February and has been busy stealing hearts since he first arrived. He is very popular among our dog pack, and even the human attendants have fallen in love with him. Fred plays with wonderful energy and he is one of the puppies favorite play buddies. He has wonderful social skills and manners, and to top it all off – he’s the world’s best hugger.  He can be found most mornings wrestling and playing nonstop, and then in the afternoons he spends the last few hours in daycare either sunbathing or snuggling with attendants. We love Fred!

fred collage


Cat Boarder of the Month:

Hobbes Moore

Hobbes is a regular at Suite Paws, and he knows he rules the roost when he is here! Not one surface in the cattery goes untouched when Hobbes is in the house! He is super playful and very outgoing, so he is popular among the staff and customers as everyone enjoys his antics!



Dog Boarder of the Month:

Roscoe Capps

Roscoe is a frequent visitor who is very popular among the staff in all departments here at Suite Paws. When he’s with kennel staff, he loves to snuggle and get belly rubs. When he’s in daycare, he loves running around and playing with some of the regulars that he’s best friends with. He really brightens up our day when he’s here!

roscoe collage


Durham’s February All-Stars!

Daycare Dog of the Month: Kai Lenhart

Kai joined our pack as a puppy back in April of 2015. We’ve had the pleasure of watching this fun guy grow up. Kai likes to fancy himself a bit of a daycare attendant and he takes his job as a pack leader serious here at Suite Paws. He’s often showing the puppies how to behave and have fun in a pack environment. He loves the water and can’t wait until pool season again where he can wrestle and play with his best friends Tucker and Emma!


Dog Boarders of the Month: Katie & Bella Albidrez

Katie and Bella are sweet senior sisters that love their time here and are absolute snuggle bugs! They love to lay outside in the sun on nice days or curl up on their cots to cuddle up together. They are loved dearly by all of the staff members here!


Cat Boarder of the Month: Eva Yount

Eva is such a fun playful little kitty. She loves having as much time out of her condo as possible just so she can jump, climb, scratch, and attack the cat climbing trees. Even though her stay with us was short, she still filled our hearts with joy.



Durham: May Superstars

Doggie Daycare Dog of the Month: Tallulah Perno

Tallulah joined our pack in mid-January and has been a weekday regular since then. She is a wonderfully sweet and playful girl who is always the center of attention when she is here. Tallulah is one of the best wrestling partners around, and is always a big favorite of new dogs who want to play. She plays very hard the first half of the day, and is the world best snuggle partner for the afternoons. We have enjoyed getting to know and spoil this sweet adorable girl. We love you Tallulah!

Dog Boarder of the Month: Jersey Meyer

image1Jersey was picked for dog boarder of the month for her sweet disposition. This most recent visit was her second time here and she’s already a pro! Jersey LOVES to play fetch and goes crazy as soon as she sees a tennis ball. She’s always an angel and we can’t wait to see her again soon!

Cat Boarder of the Month: Sissy Poehlman

image4Sissy is a little spitfire kitty that has been with us for a few weeks. She’s a bit shy and likes her personal space but she really enjoys the view she gets from her kitty condo. She keeps the employees entertained with her antics.

Groom Star of the Month: Monte Emons

monteMonte the pomapoo visited our groomer Traci recently and got a remarkable makeover. He was a wonderful boy who enjoyed his bath and was on his best behavior for his groom. Good boy, Monte!


Durham: April Superstars!

Boarding Dogs of the Month:
Honey Samford

Honey is one of the most popular girls here at Suite Paws by all of the staff. She’s very gentle, affectionate and really loves people. She spends her days in daycare, where she gets many belly rubs and kisses. She is a gentle silver haired girl who always makes us smile when we see her. Poor sweet Honey is thunder-phobic, so she gets spoiled extra when the clouds move in.

 Daycare Dog of the Month:

Emma Boney

Emma is one of the puppies currently attending our  daycare during the week. She’s energetic and sweet and always has a wonderful time when she’s here! Her best friend is Tucker, and they spend their days playing chase and wrestling. She’s wonderful at snuggling when she’s tired and she LOVES her people time once she’s gotten her energy out for the day.

Cat Boarder of the Month:

Labete Baker


Labete is a super sweet but extremely shy girl who is visiting with us. She loves getting affection from our staff. This is her first visit with us, and we look forward to getting to know her better!

Groom Star of the Month:

Moocho & Pumpkin Cardin

Moocho and Pumpkin are daycare regulars who had a special visit with Ms. Traci recently and came out looking like new dogs! She said they were perfectly well behaved and wonderful! Knowing these two as well as I do from daycare, I giggled when I saw their before and after pictures because they really do highlight their personalities. Moocho is on the left and he’s outgoing, fearless and bold! Pumpkin on the right is a little more reserved and guarded, and while she does love people – she’s not as outgoing as her brother.

Employee of the Month:

Daisy Currie

Daisy joined our crew a couple of months ago and was recently promoted to Daycare Lead since she loves her time in daycare so much. She’s a great hardworking girl who really loves spoiling the dogs in daycare. She has a laid back easy going personality that the dogs really love and she is very popular among our regular dogs who look to her as a pack leader. She’s highly valued here and we appreciate her hard work, thank you for everything you do Daisy!


Raleigh: April Superstars!

Daycare Dog of the Month: Red Hobbes

Red is a laid-back Great Dane who mostly likes to play shadow to our Daycare Manager, Cathie. She can sometimes get a little playful, but you have to keep an eye on her since it only lasts for a few minutes and it is something you do not want to miss! This truly gentle giant is a great addition to the group. Even though she is not here too often, Red is always excited to see us and we are always excited to see her too.

 Boarding Dogs of the Month:

Dre & Marley Davis

marley dre

Dre and Marley joined our Suite Paws Family back in November of this past year and have been making steady appearances since. Dre is more reserved than his sister, but there is nothing he loves more than a good belly rub, butt scratch, and a large yard to play “Doggie Detective” in. Marley enjoys interacting with her doggie friends in Doggie Daycare. She has become a regular in the group and really enjoys mingling with the others. Her best friend is Evey, one of the Daycare attendant’s dogs. When she’s not playing with Evey you can catch her mingling with the group or getting love and kisses from the daycare staff. We are so happy these two have joined our pack and look forward to each visit we get to share with them! We are excited to announce them as the Boarding Dogs of April!

Cat Boarder of the Month:

Brunson Pearce


Brunson is a white domestic shorthair who has visited us many times in the past and a few times recently. He is one of the sweetest boys around, and is always eager to get and give love and kisses. As soon as we enter the Cattery, he props up and starts telling us stories while reminding us that he would like his daily dose of cuddles. We love to hear Brunson’s stories and really enjoy when he comes to stay with us. He is one of the best cuddle bugs on this side of town! We are excited to announce Brunson as the Cat Boarder for the month of April. We can’t wait to see you again soon, Brunson!

Groom Star of the Month:

Penelope Carnevale

Penelope is a one year old Lhasa Apso that has been getting groomed with us since she was a puppy. She stays in a fluffy puppy cut year round which suits her adorable features.  Penelope stays on a monthly grooming schedule which helps to keep her in optimum condition. We encourage every pet owner of breeds requiring haircut maintenance to follow Penelope’s owners commitment.

Employee of the Month:


Ashley joined our Suite Paws family back in November of this past year and has quickly grown to thrive in the Boarding Department and the Daycare Department. Ashely’s true passion and love for animals shines when she interacts with our puppy customers. When she’s not throwing the ball or feeding our furry clients, she has a full house at home to attend to. She has Colbie, a true mutt with boxer, pit bull, and rat terrier among others in her genes, as well as Hunter, a beagle and basset hound mix. In addition to her pups, Ashely and her family enjoy spending their free time fostering kittens! At the moment, they have two 10 day old kittens at home to tend to along with many others of all different ages. We want to thank Ashely for her hard work and dedication to Suite Paws and to our fuzzy companions. Keep up the good work Ashley!


Durham: March Superstars!

Dog Daycare Dogs of the Month: Kari and Petey Whittleton

Kari and Petey have been daily visitors to our daycare program since we first opened. Kari is a super tiny yorkie, but what she lacks in size she most definitely makes up for in personality. She’s typically a wall-flower and observer in daycare, but she loves people time and seeks out cuddles frequently. She’s come out of her shell more now that it has warmed up! Her favorite thing to do is cuddle with buddy Marshall Dillon in the corner of the room and observe the puppies playing. Petey is the brindle chihuahua who runs the daycare group. In typical Chihuahua form, he doesn’t know he weighs 5 pounds. He thinks he’s the top dog and boss of the small dog group (and he is!) Petey is outgoing and spunky and loves it in daycare! We adore both of these tiny dogs very much!

 kari petey collage

Dog Boarders of the Month:

Mia and Cooper Oliver

 Mia and Cooper joined us recently for a couple of boarding visits. Mia is a sweet quiet black Labrador mix who really loves her people time. The boarding staff here adore her perfect cuddles and gentle disposition. Cooper spends his days here in daycare where he gets to run around and flirt and be pampered by our daycare staff. Cooper is outgoing and active and has lots of fun! We love both of these sweet dogs very much and are happy they have joined our pack here!

mia cooper collage

Cat Boarders of the Month:

Fergus and Finn Schmidt

Fergus and Finn have been a very funny duo of cats who have visited us this month. If you’ve seen two orange tabby’s talking to anyone who walks in recently, you’ve met Fergus and/or Finn! They LOVE people, and they love chatting to everyone who comes into the lobby. Both boys are super playful and energetic. The front desk girls have giggled and been entertained thoroughly by them recently.

fergus finn collage

Groom Star of the Month:

Stan Wiggins


Stan had a wonderful visit with us recently and before he went home, he had a spa day and had a huge makeover. Traci tells me he was wonderfully behaved for his visit with the groomer, and that she enjoyed his visit with her. We think he had a wonderful transformation and looks like a very dapper gentleman!

 stan before and after

Employee of the Month:

Serafina Reese

Serafina has been with us since we first opened in December. If you’ve called, emailed or come in for any reason – you have probably met this cheerful and friendly lady. Serafina is a hard worker who is dependable and positive. We are so happy and appreciative to have her as a part of our Suite Paws team!


Raleigh: March Superstars!

Doggie Daycare Dog of the Month: Blu Fike

Blu is a sweet one year old Pit Bull who is always on the go. While he loves to stay active, he has lately been getting a little spoiled with being picked up and held. He also has a few endearing personality quirks; the way he drinks water from the water bottle is sure to make anyone laugh. Blu always tries his best to be a good boy and has quickly made a place in all of our hearts.


Dog Boarders of the Month:

Chobee, Ramsay and Shad Merrell

chobeefinal ramsayfinal shadfinal

This fantastic trio joined our family back in August of this past year. They have made steady appearances ever since and are always a joy to have. Ramsay, the black and tan Lakeland Terrier, is more rambunctious than his siblings and is fascinated with anything tennis ball. He would run to the ends of the earth to catch it. Chobee, the red Lakeland Terrier, is a mature gal and really enjoys relaxing, sunbathing and tummy rubs. She usually has a story or two to tell while she is staying with us and we love hearing about it. Shad, the Spinone Italiano, is a very easy going guy. He just goes with the flow but if you give him a nylabone, that’s it, he will remain occupied for hours on end. We love that the Merrel’s have joined our pack and are excited to announce them as the dog boarders of the month!

Cat Boarders of the Month:

Sookie and Kirby Richards

kirbyfinal sookiefinal

Sookie and Kirby have been a part of the Suite Paws family since December of 2013. These gorgeous ladies are two peas in a pod and we are constantly fawning over how cute it is when they cuddle up together. Sookie, the black shorthair, is more reserved and enjoys relaxing on her own time in her condo. Kirby, the tortoise-shell longhair, is more outgoing and enjoys some attention from people whenever we’re in the room. These two are sure to make us smile each time they come to visit. We are so happy to announce them as our cat boarders of the month!

Groom Star of the Month:

Prissy Goff


Prissy Goff is a boarding client of ours that also gets groomed with her stay. She is styling a “lion cut” with the “lion tail”. Mom prefers her mane to be tighter and more round than our typical lion cut, and it suits Ms. Prissy well. Her cute personality comes out in that smile.

Employee of the Month:

Larissa Simmons

Larissa joined our Suite Paws Team back in August of 2014 and has continued to thrive ever since. There is no task she leaves undone and she is sure to greet every single doggie and customer upon entering the lobby. She makes it a point to get to know each individual dog and has been known to sneak back into the accommodations to steal some hugs and kisses from the pets. When she is not taking care of our four-legged companions at work, she has a full house of them at home. Currently, she has Lena, a red Dachshund, a blue Pit named Jewels, and three of Jewels’ new puppies! We are thrilled to announce Larissa as the Employee of the Month for March for all of her hard work and dedication to her job. Keep up the good work Larissa, we’re all very proud of you!