Customers will have access to their own Customer Portal! Once you receive your log in, you will be able to see your pet’s profile, request reservations, see upcoming and previous reservations and see what vaccines we have on file. We will release more information on how to access this once the customer portals are ready.


When Your Dog Just Isn’t “Into It” Anymore

One of the hardest decisions we have to make at Suite Paws is determining which dogs to remove from the daycare pack, and which dogs will fail their temperament tests. Often times we’re heart broken and just plain torn up emotionally over removing a dog. Especially if it’s a dog we’ve known since they were a puppy and they have been coming for years! We get highly attached to each dog. Adulthood in canines can bring on personality changes. Sometimes the scared or timid puppy will grow into a confident, well behaved and outgoing adult. However, sometimes the confident and outgoing puppy can mature into a short tempered bully who is a bit too rough. We document every dogs behavior each day in their notes, and will makes notations if their personalities are starting to shift in time. This is also why we re-temperament test a dog if we haven’t seen them within 6 months!

First, and foremost, let me get one thing out there. Just because your dog doesn’t like daycare anymore doesn’t mean 2 major things: 1.) It doesn’t mean they are anti-social or dog aggressive now! 2.) It also doesn’t mean they will hate the dog park now. If your dog loves the dog park, but hates daycare that is okay and perfectly normal!


Fall Fun!

My own yard at home has started to become a bit more populated by the leaves from one specific tree that must be sensitive to the waning of sunlight. God Bless the Fall! We have about a month to two months to enjoy this beautiful scenery. How lucky are we to live in a beautiful state of North Carolina? People travel here to see what we possibly take for granted on a yearly basis during Autumn.

In our daycare pack, the puppies are finding leaves as they fall, and it’s initiating games of chase and tug-a-war. Puppies LOVE leaves. Do yourself a favor, if you have the ability, please take this one season with your puppy and set aside a bit of time to make it memorable! Next year, your puppy will be full grown and (possibly) not interested, although many adult dogs still love leaves as much as puppies. And make sure you take pictures and/or videos! And share them with us over on Facebook or Twitter!


Daycare Dogs of the month-Raleigh- June 2015 through February 2016

It’s been while since we posted our Daycare Dog of the month winners for Raleigh!  Here they are 🙂

June 2015- Snow White

Snow White is an extra lovable lab who spends most of her days having fun swimming in our pool and getting all the dogs to play chase with her. What a sweetie!



July 2015- Chase

Chase is such a good boy. We love him. He’s a laid back foxhound who loves to strut his stuff!



August 2015- Logan

Logan is such a sweet and pretty girl. She prefers to hang out with the group and watch everyone play but does join in on the fun occasionally.


September 2015- Buck

We love Mr. Buck! He’s a rough and tumble bulldog who is best described as the class clown. He’s a hoot!


October 2015- Alley

Alley is such a love bug. She spends most of her day getting as much love as possible from the daycare staff. We adore her!


November 2015- Buddy

My Buddy! He’s a handsome boy who loves to “talk”, and when the energy hits him, run laps around the daycare yard. He’s a sweetheart.

(Notice Buck photobombing the photo? Too funny!)


December 2015- Cinder

Cinder is such a cute little pug. She’s hilarious! She loves to play keep away with the other dogs and spend her free time sitting in all the chairs.


January 2016- Murphy

Murphy started with us as a little puppy.  We have had the pleasure of watching him grow up.  He’s fun, sweet, energetic and loves to play!  He has yet to meet a stranger.

murphypupOur boy as a puppy and all grown up!     murphy


February 2016- Polly 

Polly is a beautiful Irish Setter with a very sweet disposition. She loves to play with her friends in daycare and also likes to sneak in a kiss or 2 while loving on our staff.



Raleigh: May Superstars

Doggie Daycare Dog of the Month: Midas Lawton

Midas is a rambunctious little Westie that has been with us only a short time, but he’s already made an impression. Midas loves to greet us with a “woo” whenever he sees us to show how happy he is to be here playing with his friends. Sometimes, you can catch a glimpse of his little tongue slightly sticking out of his mouth, which just makes him look cuter. Midas is always ready to play and it shows it by playing the entire day! We are excited to announce Midas as the Daycare Dog of May!

Dog Boarders of the Month: Dixie & Bama Sammis

 Bama and Dixie joined our pack back in 2010 and have been making our hearts melt ever since. This dynamic duo is always up for some fun in Daycare or some cuddles and love. When Bama is not mingling with all of his friends in Daycare, he enjoys telling us stories about his day. He is one of our best story tellers! Dixie loves to run and play with every dog in daycare, but always makes sure to stop by for some people time. We absolutely love when these two come to visit us, and are sad to learn that they will soon be moving back to Alabama. We are so excited that Mom and Dad have been bringing them by more often to make sure we all get enough time with them before they have to leave. We wish you all the best of luck as you embark on the next chapter of your life and hope you all come back to visit us whenever you are in North Carolina. We will miss you Bama, Dixie, Mom and Dad!!dixie bama duo

“Cat” Boarder of the Month: Boomer Esposito

Instead of a Cat of the Month for May, we decided to do Boomer, a black and white bunny that comes to see us often! Boomer spent this past Easter with us, which was more than appropriate, and came by again in the middle of April to spend some more time with us. This friendly and energetic little fellow has been coming to visit us for a little over a year now, and has made sure to spend both Easter Holidays with us. He loves to be pet and spend some time running around the room. He enjoys burrowing under his little house and is always sure to make us smile with his cuteness. We are excited to announce Boomer as our Pet of the Month for May!Boomer(ascat)

Employee of the Month: Joel

Joel joined our Suite Paws family in the Fall of 2013 and has quickly grown to be a major asset in our Daycare department. Most of our Daycare dogs have an extremely special bond with Joel; some have even tried to hop a fence just to go see Joel on the other side. He has a true passion for our Daycare dogs and his love for them is evident in his daily work. You may have seen some of Joel’s recent work with a GoPro in Daycare. He has carefully constructed a harness for the dogs to wear that has a GoPro attached to the top. Joel creates amazing videos from the pet’s point of view, capturing everything as they experience it in Daycare! You can check out these videos on our YouTube Page https://www.youtube.com/user/SuitePaws. When Joel is not wrestling with our pups here, he has “Starbuck”, the Aussie, and “Ollie”, the Border Collie, to romp with at home. We are so excited and proud to announce Joel as our Employee of the Month for the month of May. Congrats Joel! Keep up the awesome work!



Raleigh: February Superstars!

Doggie Daycare Dog of the Month: Lulu Sear

LuLu is a very playful Doodle who’s been with us since her puppy days. She loves to spend her afternoons here with all of her friends, and has even more fun on full days. We get such joy when she comes over for people time, but usually she’s too busy playing. We are excited to have LuLu as our Valentine this year and happy to have her join our Suite Paws family!

Dog Boarder of the Month: Piper Colgate


Piper joined our Suite Paws family back in January of 2012 and she has been a joy to look after ever since. She quickly became a fan favorite with her too-cute looks and adorable loving attitude. She never turns down a good belly rub and will always reward you with kisses afterwards. Piper is moving and this past January was her last visit here with us. We surely will miss our Piper but we wish her and Mom the best as they embark on the next chapter of their lives. Good Luck Piper, we will miss you!

Boarding Cat of the Month: Cuddle Degle

Cuddles joined the Suite Paws family back in 2011 and has been making appearances ever since. This snuggle-bug lives up to her name and is constantly offering cuddles and love. She is also full of stories and never hesitates to tell us all about her day. We really enjoy when Cuddles stays with us, who could turn down a free hug anyway?? We are happy to have Cuddles as part of our family and we look forward to her future visits with us.


Groom Star of the Month: Tessy Marshall


Tessy Marshall is an 11 year old Shih tzu mix that is a regular grooming client here at Suite Paws. Her parents prefer the “clean feet” and “clean face” look to help keep those areas from getting messy. This is normally for poodles, but Ms. Tessy is proof that we can think outside the box with what kind of hair cut we can give them.

Employee of the Month:Megan Mcloughlin

Megan has been a part of the Suite Paws family since 2012 and in October 2014 moved into her position as the Kennel Manager. She has dedicated her heart to making sure all of our furry guests have a vacation to remember here at Suite Paws. From feeding, to potty breaks, to cuddling and snapping photos, Megan makes sure the kennel runs smoothly each day while still making enough time to personally get to know each individual dog. When she is not caring for our four-legged guests, she has 2 four-legged pups of her own to tend to, Pistol the Chiweenie and Gunner Morgan the Boxador. We are excited to recognize Megan this month as our Employee of the Month for all of her passion and dedication to the kennel, keep up the good work Megan!


Raleigh: January Superstars!

Daycare Dog of the Month: Jake Scott

Jake has been doing daycare with us since 2013. This once crazy and rambunctious boy has turned into one of our sweetest dogs. Jake is crazy about the water hose, no matter the weather!  Jake has a great time with all of his friends and when he gets tired, he loves to snuggle up to an attendant for some cuddles.

 Boarding Cats of the Month: Bagheera and Poppy Schemk

Bagheera and Poppy are two of the world’s cutest kittens all wrapped into one family. Bagheera lives up to her name and is constantly on the prowl looking for something fun to do. She enjoys climbing to the top of the climbing tree and racing her sister, Poppy, back down to the bottom. There are never enough toys for Bagheera and Poppy. When we lay out our entire collection of cat toys, they are sure to play with each and every toy. Poppy’s favorite game is to chase  anything attached to a string. She is also very fond of chasing her sister, Bagheera, around the room during a fun game of hide-and-seek. We are thrilled to welcome Bagheera and Poppy to our Suite Paws family and enjoy when they stay here with us. You can check out one of their play-times on our Instagram page, @suitepawsraleigh.


Employee of the Month: Summer Bailey

Summer has been a part of the Suite Paws family since June of 2012 and quickly rose to our Grooming Department Manager. Summer has been grooming for 10 years and finds her true passion in keeping our beloved pets cute, clean, and cuddly. We are happy to recognize Summer as the Employee of the Month for all of her hard work and dedication in the grooming salon. Thank you Summer, we appreciate all that you do!





Groom Star of the Month: Snowball Thompson

Snowball had his first hair cut with us and and has continued coming to us ever since. He is a Maltese mix and is a super sweet boy. We use our whitening shampoo on him to keep his fur blinding white and he also gets his teeth brushed to keep them as white as his fur.