Durham: March Superstars!

Dog Daycare Dogs of the Month: Kari and Petey Whittleton

Kari and Petey have been daily visitors to our daycare program since we first opened. Kari is a super tiny yorkie, but what she lacks in size she most definitely makes up for in personality. She’s typically a wall-flower and observer in daycare, but she loves people time and seeks out cuddles frequently. She’s come out of her shell more now that it has warmed up! Her favorite thing to do is cuddle with buddy Marshall Dillon in the corner of the room and observe the puppies playing. Petey is the brindle chihuahua who runs the daycare group. In typical Chihuahua form, he doesn’t know he weighs 5 pounds. He thinks he’s the top dog and boss of the small dog group (and he is!) Petey is outgoing and spunky and loves it in daycare! We adore both of these tiny dogs very much!

 kari petey collage

Dog Boarders of the Month:

Mia and Cooper Oliver

 Mia and Cooper joined us recently for a couple of boarding visits. Mia is a sweet quiet black Labrador mix who really loves her people time. The boarding staff here adore her perfect cuddles and gentle disposition. Cooper spends his days here in daycare where he gets to run around and flirt and be pampered by our daycare staff. Cooper is outgoing and active and has lots of fun! We love both of these sweet dogs very much and are happy they have joined our pack here!

mia cooper collage

Cat Boarders of the Month:

Fergus and Finn Schmidt

Fergus and Finn have been a very funny duo of cats who have visited us this month. If you’ve seen two orange tabby’s talking to anyone who walks in recently, you’ve met Fergus and/or Finn! They LOVE people, and they love chatting to everyone who comes into the lobby. Both boys are super playful and energetic. The front desk girls have giggled and been entertained thoroughly by them recently.

fergus finn collage

Groom Star of the Month:

Stan Wiggins


Stan had a wonderful visit with us recently and before he went home, he had a spa day and had a huge makeover. Traci tells me he was wonderfully behaved for his visit with the groomer, and that she enjoyed his visit with her. We think he had a wonderful transformation and looks like a very dapper gentleman!

 stan before and after

Employee of the Month:

Serafina Reese

Serafina has been with us since we first opened in December. If you’ve called, emailed or come in for any reason – you have probably met this cheerful and friendly lady. Serafina is a hard worker who is dependable and positive. We are so happy and appreciative to have her as a part of our Suite Paws team!